The cradle is an electric hanging ZLP 630

The cradle is an electric hanging ZLP 630

Cradle is designed for lifting personnel, building materials and tools to the workplace to a height of up to 100 meters and for the execution of external finishing works of residential buildings, industrial buildings, structures. Suspended cradles can be used as elevators to get to the place of welding of the ship’s hull, dams, bridges of the chimney.

The cord for the cradle is galvanized and has a diameter of 8.6 mm.

The engine of the cradles are hermetically protected from the influence of the environment.

Cradles  are equipped with a working platform, traps, winches, an electric control unit, steel ropes and consoles for mounting on a flat roof.

Cradles  made in China and very convenient and easy to operate, have already become widespread in the CIS countries.

Cradles are certified in Ukraine.

Load-carrying capacity, 630
Lifting speed, m / min 9-11
Load-carrying capacity, kg 630
Engine power 2х1,5
Mass of cradles without consoles, counter-weight, cable, kg 336
Contra cargo, kg 960
Length, m 6m 6м (2+2+2)
Width, m 0,8
Height, m 1,2
Article ZLP630

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