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Facade scaffolding (frame) is intended for construction, assembly and finishing works. The rigid frame and reliable connection nodes allow you to quickly mount the scaffold, ensuring a good stability of the “grid” scaffolding. Using additional elements (console, farm, etc.), you can modify the work space and provide the configuration of the scaffolding configuration. The scaffold elements can be painted or galvanized.


For optimal realization of your construction project, we offer on the basis of the components of the European manufacturer a high-tech system of building block formwork of walls and overlap “BudMajster”. The modular design system of the formwork, lightness, and cost-effectiveness allow installation quickly, without the use of a crane, which provides a high level of safety equipment. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials and the strict observance of technological cycles, all elements of the formwork are intended for multiple installation. Calculation of formwork elements is carried out with the help of a specialized computer program that allows precisely to design and calculate the number of formwork elements that are necessary for use on a particular object.

Mobile Stations

In the standings “BudMajster”, “VIRASTAR”, “VARIANT” fastening of elements of construction is carried out using self-locking pins with a rotary tongue, connections are carried out in one fast motion. It is possible to install a single-row construction on a two-line basis. The wheels are equipped with double brakes, which securely lock the wheels. Prefabricated metal scaffolds favorably differ from clamping windings in the absence of small assembly parts and threaded joints. There are just three people to build, disassemble, and move the stairs to the place of work. The seats are collected from separate interchangeable items, which can be ordered separately from the kit. The logical installation sequence virtually eliminates assembly errors.

Mobile towers

Mobile ZARGES modular towers Highest quality and safety. The load is 200 kg / m², complies with the standards DIN 4422 – HD 1004. The working height is from 2.80 m to 12.00 m. The support module can be either in the form of a module A or in the form of a complex module K. Assembly and disassembly without a tool . Transverse beams length 1650 mm are made of galvanized steel. Wheels Ø 150 mm are equipped with stoppers and screw jacks. Covered areas that prevent slipping in extreme weather conditions. Simple movement of the mounted frame on the cross beams for work at the wall or in the open. Towers height of more than 8.00 m are equipped with telescopic consoles. Rollers are not included in the base kit.


– with podiums of different sizes and heights – with towers of various designs and sizes for installation of light and musical equipment – with canopies, cascade steps and others. “BudMajster” stage designs can be used both in the open air and in the middle of the premises. The simplicity of the construction of scenes and podiums “BudMajster” greatly reduces the time required for assembly and disassembly work, and provides for maximum convenience in transporting and storing. By selecting and using various elements you can build stage complexes unlimited in area, various in design and practically on any surface.


One stair – 6 functions. Possibility of installation on staircase marches. Patented soft edging front steps for leg protection. Firm connection “step-stand” is highly reliable and qualitative triple rolling. Stable fixing of the stair with steel fastening. Guide brackets made of pressed aluminum profiles. The insurance pins of a sturdy pearl tape protect the stair from decomposition. Interchangeable two-component plastic inserts in the base of racks and on the traverse to prevent slip. Fluttered steps (28 x 30 mm). Optimum stability thanks to the wide cross-section traverse.

Parts for lifting loads (cradles)

Cradle electric

Platform size – 6m (3 sections by 2m)

Lifting height (m) – 100

Load-carrying capacity – 630

Covering – painting

Manufacturer – China

Product – Certified!

Spare parts for lifting loads (winches)

Electric winch pendant

Manufacturer: TEA (Italy)


Designated winches for lifting loads weighing up to 200 kg

max lifting height of the winch – up to 40 m.

Suspended winches on any tubes D 48-50 mm, which are securely fixed and capable of carrying the appropriate load (for example, scaffoldings, spacers, metal structures, etc.).

Warranty – 12 months