Building formwork

Building formwork
Construction formwork is a framework that holds out the concrete solution and allows it to keep the desired shape. The deck for construction is divided into removable and non-removable. Removable building formwork is better because it is dispersed and suitable for re-use. Classify, in particular, on the material part of the building formwork: wood, metal or plywood.

It also distinguishes the formwork by appointment - where it is used, and what load the concrete solution will carry - horizontal or vertical. This is the foundation of the walls, columns, bridges, spans.


Formwork for construction is an integral part of the building. With its help you can create a variety of architectural designs.

We offer high-tech building formwork ТМ "Budmayster" for walls, ceilings.

The novelty is small-sized formwork for monolithic work, which due to its size is ideal for pouring foundations and walls.