Electric winch HE200 for 200kg, H = 40m

Electric winch HE200 for 200kg, H = 40m


Designed for lifting loads up to 200 kg in height up to 40 m.

Suspended on any pipes F48-50 mm, which are secured and able to carry the appropriate load (for example, scaffoldings, spacers, metal structures, etc.).

With the help of accessories, it is possible to use the “crane-in-window” principle on balconies, roofs.

Particularly effective for mounting sections, formwork, lifting loads of uncomfortable sizes.

Load-carrying capacity, kg 200
Maximum cable length, m 40
Diameter of steel wire, mm 5
Lifting speed, m / min 20
Voltage, V 220
Engine power, kW 0,75
Weight, kg 37


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